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Related post: Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 14:24:12 -0700 (PDT) From: Silvenfox Subject: Reflecting Equation - 5The following is a complete work of fiction.Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person is completely coincidental. Please do not preteen girls sex copy or distribute the story without the author's permission.Disclaimer:The following story sexy incest preteen may contain erotic situations. If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now. Also expect blood, gore, incredibly funny scenes and super-powered teenagers with a destiny to sexypre teen models save the world. If you're not a fan of preteen fantasy story any of these plus strong cursing and violence then this is not your type of story. Use of the Silver City and various related lore come from DC Comics.Chapter 5It took a lot for me to drag my ass up out of bed. Adam bribed me with kisses and pop tarts, and I can't lie, the second offer kind of did it for me. Adam called me a candy ho, but I already made peace with myself a long time ago.I ambled into the kitchen, eyes hooded and yawning. Mom stood at the counter, watching the news with a captivated expression. A glance showed they were showing footage from yesterday's fight downtown. More than likely it was going to be replayed for the next month."Morning, sunshine," said Mom, smirking a bit at my sleepy face.I gave a grunt and reached for the box of Lucky Charms. I poured a preteen divas bowl and then the backdoor swung open. Adam walked in with a cheerful looking grin and it made me hate him a little. Morning people were so sickening."Good morning, Mrs. Summers!" he called out, overly bright incest preteen pedo and chipper.Mom grinned brightly and looked honestly happy to see him. It was times like this that I wondered if she liked him more than me."Good morning, honey," she smiled, handing him one of her breakfast bagels with a kiss on the cheek. "I love your outfit, very smart."Adam wore a blue and gray striped, crew-nick sweater with a pair of off white cotton pants. My mouth went dry and he threw me a saucy wink. I scowled realizing that my bowl was now overflowing with cereal. Adam laughed and I shot him the finger. It was his fault for walking around being such a hot ass.Mom cocked an eyebrow as I scooped cereal back into the box. "You going to be alright, kiddo?""I can tell you're getting amusement from this, Mother," I said narrowing my eyes. "I'm preteen girlz sure laughing at your child's misfortune is, like, dangerous to my young and impressionable psyche.""Cute."I grinned at her appraising expression. "I try."Adam snorted at our banter and I sent him a charming smile. Looked like he managed to sneak out this morning undetected, or the kitchen would be a totally different scene."Adam!"There was a flash of blonde hair and then Adam had his arms full of 5 foot nothing of teenage girl. I glowered at the sight. The one thing Morgan and I could ever agree on - Adam's hotness factor.Adam pulled back, giving her a disarming grin and let a bit of Texas slip into his voice, "Morning, darlin'."I narrowed my eyes. This little hooker had a lot of nerve. I know she believed Adam was too hot to be gay, but this was pushing it. Adam, bless his dim heart, adored her, demon though she may be.Morgan flushed and leaned back, smiling blindingly. "What are you doing here so early?""I came angel preteens paradise to take your gorgeous brother to school," he replied, eyes twinkling in my direction.And at that declaration, Morgan pouted and muttered a put upon, "Oh," and slowly extracted herself from his lap. It cum filled preteens was great that she did that because I was about to do it for her, and none too gently. Brat."Children, say good morning to each other," Mom said, staring us down over her cup of Folgers.Our heads snapped around and we both looked at her askance. Really? Was this absolutely necessary! The days I didn't have to talk to Morgan were golden in my book. laika russian preteen At the hard look reflected at us we turned back to each other and grimaced."Morning, sibling.""Good morning."The greetings came out forced and sounded like someone was strangling us. Mom clapped her hands together, mouth tilted up at the corners. "Bonding!""If your mind was ever turned to villainy," I muttered, staring at her earnestly. "You'd be unstoppable."Mom grabbed her car keys and purse. "I'll be sure to bring that up at the next PFLAG meeting, kiddo." She stooped to ruffle my hair, and then kissed Morgan and Adam on the head. "Bye, kids."We called goodbye after her and she paused on her way out the kitchen door. Her blue eyes turned sharp and I hunched my shoulders together as she pinned me with an intense stare."You're still grounded, buddy," she said, pointing nude preteen gallery her finger at me. "I expect for you to be home straight after school."I rolled preteenie upskirt picks my eyes. "Yes, Mother."The only time I called her that was when I was feeling annoyed or sassy. This time I was feeling annoyed to the nth degree."Love you too, kiddo," she said, brightly. She blew a kiss and darted through the doorway.The front door slammed shut and that was the cue Morgan needed to throw herself away from me, and clear across the kitchen. She hopped up onto one of the swivel bar my cute preteens chairs at the island over the counter."Scared you're going to catch the gay from me?" I sneered.Morgan mirrored my sneer. "Please, I'm over you being gay."My jaw dropped and the world went scarily dizzy for a second. The laws that governed the universe were all out of order. Up was down, down was up. Zac Efron wasn't a triple threat and was still slumming on the Disney Channel."I still pretty much hate your guts."My brain processed that information, and it found it just and right, and that was refreshing. Order was then restored to the universe, and it included the new fact that Morgan was fine with the gayness, but still a little stranger bitch."-and Neil Patrick Harris is awesome. And I love Sean Hayes too. So it didn't seem like such a big deal anymore. You're still annoying and you take more time in the bathroom than I do... Are you even listening to me, glamo?"Slowly, I realized that Morgan underage sex preteen had continued talking while my world re- centered itself and the cosmos returned to normal. I came back to reality with a few quick blinks.Morgan rolled her eyes. "Attention deficit much?" She sighed loudly and glanced at her cell phone. "I don't have time for this after school special. I'm going over preteen friends nude to password preteen free Krystle's. She's giving me a ride." She sent Adam a dazzling smile. "Bye, preteen boys dick Adam.""Later, baby," he purred, giving her a little wave.She was out of the kitchen before I could get another word in. I stared after her and Adam had to snap his fingers in front of my face to get my attention."Chad, sweetheart, are you okay?"I turned to him with wide eyes and a watery smile. "My demonic baby sister's finally growing up." I gained a winsome smile and stared at Adam imploringly. "Is this how Richard Gere felt in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts stopped hooking?"Adam licked his lips asian preteens galleries looking a little bemused. "Uh... yeah?"A fond smile settled on my face and I couldn't keep the affection from my voice, "Come on, Bowflex."Adam's Mustang was his pride and joy. He'd recently had the car painted black and he treated the vehicle like his own child. Adam slipped in a CD and I snickered as I recognized the track. He put the car and gear and pulled away from the curb."Transatlantiscm," I said gesturing at the stereo, laughing. "Death Cab For Cutie, really? So 2003."He grinned animal sex preteen leaning over to sing against my cheek, making me smile. "I need you so much closer..."I snorted and batted at his shoulder. "Smooth, bright eyes." I pointed at the veering lane. "Watch the road!"Adam winked expertly navigating the road. ygirls preteen "Hey, don't hate me cause you ain't me."I rolled preteen pictures torrent my eyes. "I love it when you talk dirty to me."A roll of bright laughter exploded from Adam, and I clutched at my seatbelt as he swung into the student parking lot. preteen modelsd I sent him a glare, because damn it, when your driving is more dangerous than mine then there's a problem."Don't pout, baby, you'll get wrinkles," Adam advised me cheerfully, parking in a space near where the band usually practiced in the early light of morning. "You can't mess up that pretty face. I'm kind of invested in it."I playfully frowned at him. "So you only want me for my looks?"He blinked. "This is news to you?""You ass," I let out a surprised laugh. I pushed at his shoulder. "Come on, o' love of my life. If you play your cards right I might let you buy me a soda from the vending machines."Adam's face lit up with a smirk and he grabbed his backpack from the backseat. "I of course expect you to put out after. I'm so your sugar daddy and you know it."I shrugged and jumped out of preteen nonnude sites the car. I slid my backpack over my shoulder and grinned at him over the roof the car."I'm going to answer yes to that statement," I replied, sliding my white Gucci sunglasses over my eyes. "I'm not is models preteen ashamed to say it."Adam came over to my side of the car and slipped his hand in mine. "I do love it when we casually mention sex. It gets me kind of hot.""Slut."He wiggled his eyebrows in his usual lewd fashion that never failed to come across as goofy. "I learned from the best."We walked into the school hand in hand, and its measure of how progressive Centennial is when we don't get sex preteen blog dirty looks or a snide comment thrown our way. When downtown regularly became a warzone due to evil preteen galleryx doers, homophobia was reaching an all time low. Bigger threats out there and all.The hallways were crowded as kids grabbed books from lockers and basically just hung around. I kept expecting Kevin to pop up and ramble preteen small models on about soccer, but he didn't and wasn't going to. I closed my eyes and leaned against my locker. I firmly pushed the depressing thoughts away. If I kept thinking about it I would do something...unpleasant. The thought of my brother being gone, and no one but us the wiser, left a bad taste in my mouth."It'll be okay," Adam muttered, squeezing my hand.I looked up into his eyes, basking in the sincerity. Trust him to know what worried me. "I hope so.""Hey do you think"I started at his statement practically feeling the surprise against my skin. I turned in the direction Adam, and everyone else in the hall, was looking at and just about died. My preteen nudes sweden jaw dropped as I watched Ryan walk through the parting crowd.Gone were the glasses the champion of soul always wore in his human guise. Gray eyes were free to shine and they were surprisingly clear and bright, like the eyes of a Huskie or color of the ice caps in the North. His heavy bangs were slicked back, freeing a face that was startling captivating without anything taking away from how fucking perfect his features were. Sinfully pink, bow shaped lips quirked the tiniest bit as all eyes topless underage preteens tracked his gait, whispers and outright looks of want following his steps.He wore a pair of black skinny jeans that, dear God, looked designer. A black moto jacket was worn over a tight white tee, and it was taking every bit of will I had not to ogle the definition of abs showing through the clingy cotton material. He was a sex bomb.Ryan stopped in front of Adam and I sliding into a relaxed and easy stance that I had never seen on him. It was like watching the end of Grease nude lola preteen where Sandy suddenly got hot and slutty, except in this version everybody wanted a piece preteen honey pics of this ass."Um, Ryan?" I choked out. "Dude, what the hell!"He looked at me and I was thrown off by the coy smile on his face. "What? You don't like it?""Like it?" Adam said feeling just as amazed as everyone that continued to stare at us. "Ryan, my man, you're hot, like really hot."I narrowed my eyes at Adam. "Why don't you just whip it out and jerk off?"Ryan ducked his head, blushing. And there was the Ryan that I was used to. He looked adorably pleased and I melted at the anxious smile he wore. He looked at us with approval and need written all on his face.A clapped him on the shoulder. "You look damn good, Ry'," I said, and sure enough he beamed at me something bright. I stuttered a bit feeling unhinged by how breathtaking he looked. It was incredible. "Not that I minded the glasses and the oxfords, but why the change?"His shoulders straightened and something like defiance on shone in his eyes. "Well I'm single now, right? And I found all the clothes my mom always sent me in a box in the closet," He looked down japanese preteen idols at the ground and shrugged, "and I figured why not."I shared a glance with Adam and said slowly, "If this is what makes you happy then I approve."Adam nodded studying Ryan's face intently. "I agree." He swept his glance over the rest of the hall and grinned at the blatant staring. "And so does the rest of the school."Ryan took in the stares and amazingly didn't flush from head to toe. In fact only two pink dots that indicated his feelings appeared on his cheeks. He licked his lips and said hesitantly, "So I look okay, then?""That's an understatement, man," I said, laughing in disbelief. "You're like the hottest thing in this hall. Next to Adam, of course."Like some sign of the newfound status quo, Lacey James, richest girl in school, senior and head-cheerleader, walked up to them. She wore a low cut top that's designed to draw the eye to her cleavage. Ryan's eyes briefly flickered illegal preteen nymphettes down before going back up, a surprised and confused half smile appearing on his face."It's Ryan, right?" Lacey asked, staring directly at his mouth.He nodded and I hid a smile behind my hand. Ryan had been involved with Killian so long I had forgotten he was bi. With the way he ogled her, yep, boy was definitely attracted to both genders."You're in my Anatomy and Physiology class," she said, playing coy and doing a good job if the glazed look Ryan had is any indication. "I love you're new look. You look great. Hey, do you mind helping me with naked preteen topsites my homework before class. I didn't get, like, half of it."Then to really hammer home that this was some ******** preteen porn weird, new alternate universe instead of stammering and playing the shy guy... Ryan developed a sexy smile and leaned in close, eyes smoldering and she looked suitably dazzled."I would love to," he murmured, voice dropped an octave lower. It was a rolling deep bass that was little preteen vaginas smooth as silk and dark as chocolate. Hot.She swallowed heavily, blinking. Her cute little mouth split into a smile as she recovered. "Awesome. Come on. We have a little time before class starts."Ryan gave us a short wave. "Later, guys."Lacey linked her arms through his and they strutted off. Noise in the hallway surged in volume as people sunk their teeth into the newest bit of high school drama. If this was a teen drama then this would be the equivalent of a social coup. And it was delicious.Adam looked down at me, very confused and very amazed. "Did that preteen model hard really just happen?""If you're talking about the most popular girl in school practically calling first dibs on our former nerdy friend then yes, baby, that just happened."Killian chose that preteens porn fotos moment to walk up. He frowned at all the excited faces and the loud conversations that were more exuberant than usual. He took one last long look around and then cocked his head at our frozen faces."What? Did I miss something?"This was awkward.-Spanish II was its usual chaotic mess. Kids took it for the foreign language credit, and also because it was a bird class. Basically all you had to do was show up, and you'd fly right through. Easy A. It didn't help that over half the class knew the basics of Spanish and the other half was fluent. So classwork or homework was preteen russian tpg done in less than half an hour. The perks of having Mexico as a next door neighbor to California.Mrs. Montemayor gave up teaching not even halfway through the class. She declared it a free period and popped in a movie, Hope Floats. Kill me now.I pondered for a preteen nonnude private minute what to do. Usually free periods were spent with me flipping through a magazine with my earphones firmly in place. I pretty preteen preteenz couldn't stay here with my thoughts. I would only go in circles girl preteen slave thinking about Killian and Ryan and Kevin, the Power Rangers, and the whole entire mess of fucked up that was my life.Adam and I hadn't told Killian about Ryan's whole makeover and Lacey James staking claim. Frankly, in the hallway wasn't the best place for that discussion. Plus there wasn't enough time before class to go over the utter weirdness of it all.A couple of students mentioned heading off to lunch early, since our class was scheduled for the next block of lunch, and I got an idea.This period Adam had Drama.That pretty much made my decision for me. The next minute I was heading out the door with my backpack over my shoulder, and a pink hall pass was in my hand like Perseus' shield.Mr. Cooper was the director for the school's theater department and all his `little thespians' had Drama during the same period so they could practice for plays. Since they'd wrapped up the spring production, the same one the Juilliard representatives witnessed, Mr. Cooper didn't care what they did or who wandered in and out of his class. So all in all Cooper was pretty awesome and his drama class was like the Promised Land.I milled in through one of the side doors that led into auditorium. I spotted a few students sitting preteen european nudists in the seats talking, probably others from different classes. I could see a couple faces from Spanish had already beaten me here. The actual Drama class was on the stage and Mr. Cooper was at a piano.Adam stepped forward in front of his classmates. They grinned teasingly and catcalled at him and he exaggeratedly brushed off his shoulders, smiling that adorable grin that I loved so much."I suppose if it's my turn," he said, voice easily carrying through the large room. "I'm going to have to go with..."Adam pointed to Mr. Cooper and the man began tapping at the ivory keys with a sly grin. I laughed quietly as the familiar melody of I'll Stand by You by the Pretenders filled the room.I extreme little preteens slipped into preteendiaper girls a seat near the aisle and dropped my bag in the empty looking for preteen chair next to me.Adam pointed to a girl near him and began to sing in a clear tenor, "Oh, why you look so sad? Tears are in your eyes," She stuck her tongue out at him and flicked him off. He winked at her and patted his preteen pics password chest, "Come on and come to me now..."He went around stage pointing to random as he sang, making crazy gestures and playing the performance up. Everyone had a smile on preteenie sex their face as he captured the audience.He quirked his eyebrow suggestively at Mr. Cooper behind the piano and made a broad sweeping gesture, "Don't be ashamed to cry, let me see you through. `Cause I've seen the dark side too."The auditorium erupted into laughter and Mr. Cooper rolled his eyes as he continued playing, but there was no way he could hide the smile on his face.Adam tilted his head for the briefest of moments, as if hearing something no one else could as we laughed, and then he's looking out over the seats – searching.His eyes landed on me and his already present grin grew wider at the sight. In a chorus of laughter Adam heard my laugh nn preteen lina and found me. I waved jerkily feeling a sudden burst of shyness, and my cheeks warmed as people looked in the direction Adam suddenly wouldn't turn away from."When the night falls on you, you don't know what to do," He smiled softly at me, placing his hand over his rape incest preteen heart. The girls behind him giggled as they all waved at me, making me blush harder. "Nothing you confess could make me love you less."In this moment everything felt surreal and perfect like a scene from a movie or something.Adam reached out his hand toward me, his cheeks going pink but he sang on clearly, "I'll stand by you. Won't let nobody hurt you. I'll stand by you. Take me in into your darkest hour. And I'll never desert you..."Somebody help me, I was blushing so hard my face felt on fire. People were torn between sending me knowing grins and watching Adam perform like it was the greatest show on Earth. Adam held up one finger like he was pausing for breath, but I knew that playful look. He was up to something.Then without missing a beat, Adam raised both arms and all the drama kids sang the remaining chorus with him and with embellished emotion, "I'll stand by you. Won't let nobody hurt you... I'll stand by you."The last notes faded russian preteen sexy away and I stood up along with others in leading the applause. Panting and eyes alight with the thrill of performing, Adam gave an exaggerated bow.With a bright smile Adam waved off the shouts of an encore. The drama students broke off into small groups, and only gave Adam a little teasing when he hopped off the stage. He crossed the aisle quickly and folded his arms around me in a hug.He leaned back into the hold, smiling at me all glowey bright. "Hey.""Hey," I said quietly feeling breathless and happy. "You were awesome up there.""Yeah?" he said, looking at me through his eyelashes bashfully. "We were just fooling around.""It was perfect," I said with feeling and meaning it. "I got here just in time too. Right before you started."Adam laughed, light and quick and almost melodic. "Awesome. Don't you have Spanish this period?""Mrs. Montemayor called a free period," I explained, wrapping my fingers around his wrist and tugging him over and into a chair to sit. "We have about ten or 15 preteen model so minutes of class left. I figured we could walk to lunch together."Adam laced our fingers together grinning mischievously. "This is why I keep you around. You're kind of crazy, but your ideas are amazing.""And you give good head," I retorted with my own grin. "We all have our uses."He snorted. "Touché Summers, touché."My smile dimmed a bit as I thought about the next hour. "So how do you think Killian's going to feel about Ryan 2.0?""When he picks his jaw up, I think he's going to be kicking himself," Adam answered, shaking his head. "If Lacey has anything to say about it then add pissed off to that list too."I winced. "Right. I forgot about her for a second. It'll be like ripping off a band-aid. We'll tell him fast and harsh.""It will lessen the hurt," Adam said nodding sagely. "I told you watching Oprah was great for advice.""Even though she's full of shit," I muttered.Adam gasped and slapped his hand over my mouth. He looked around so fast that I was afraid his neck would snap. His eyes were wide with fear and panic lingered at the edges."Are you insane!" he hissed. "You can't just talk bad about Oprah! She probably has this room bugged."I pried his hand off my mouth and looked at him for a long moment. "Are you insane?"Adam's dirty preteen rape arms flailed around as he hastily tried to explain, "She can asain preteen galleries cut you with one hundred dollar bills!"I looked at him with wonder. "It's official; you've been hanging around me too long." My face split into a grin. "You're crazier than me. Awesome."He tapped his finger against his lip pondering the thought. "I preteen bbs sites think you might be right." He slapped his palm against his knee. "I want a divorce!"I squinted at him. "Is this real life?""Don't be like that, baby." He kissed two fingers and tapped them against my lips. "I'll give you half of my assets.""Half of nothing is nothing," I said slowly.Adam held up one finger with his face glowing with triumph. "Exactly!"The bell rang saving him from pre teeny models the jinx I was about to lay on him. He flashed those dimples at me and my mind blanked out for a moment. By the smirk on his face he totally knew it too. I scowled at him and pushed at his shoulder. Laughing he captured my hand and pulled me up, grabbing my backpack and slinging it over preteen sexy russian his shoulder. We joined the throng of kids heading to the cafeteria."I really hope Killian doesn't level the school after he sees Ryan and Lacey," I said cringing, and Adam snorted."Like you did with the mall?""That was different, dick," I huffed, tossing my head haughtily. "I was under massive stress!""I guess it's kind of awesome that you would bring down a mall after thinking I cheated on you," Adam said, sounding very smug. He looked at me out of the preteen pedo topsite corner of his eye, "That's, like, holy ground to you."I frowned. "That would just mean I'd have to break in a whole new boyfriend, and really, who has that kind of time."Adam pressed his hands over his heart, wiping at a pretend tear. "Aw, love you too."We both cracked up."So I'm thinking we need a game plan," I said as we sat down at our usual table in the courtyard outside. Our plastic trays were crammed with the questionable school food.Adam shifted my backpack at his feet and twisted open his Coke bottle. "You mean with Rainbow-Gate?""I'm talking about Ryan and Killian inevitable meltdown that's due to take place shortly."He nodded, sipping at his drink. "That's what I meant. Ryan and Killian are gay for preteen cartoon sex each other... Rainbows are the stamp of the gays and-""Yes, yes I see what you did there." I waved off the rest of his explanation. "Geez, I forgot how connect the dots your mind is sometimes.""And you love it," he said knowingly."Besides the point," I replied, jabbing my fork at what could either be gravy or slime. "So... oh, look. There's Ryan."Like earlier, everyone couldn't take their eyes from the new Ryan. It had been a long time since the school had someone this gorgeous to ogle, so the novelty of the whole thing was still fresh. Lacey walked beside Ryan, and I couldn't lie, they looked cute next to each other. Her exotic looks and his goddamn movie star face complimented each other perfectly. It was like looking at Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. And really, I definitely needed to get a new pastime besides watching the Disney Channel. It was taking over my life.Ryan spotted Adam and I and gave a wave. I nodded as he held up a finger signaling to give him a minute. They stopped at Lacey's usual table and I could see her introducing Ryan hot preteen tgp to the cheerleaders and the varsity jocks. My eyebrows shot up. Well, well somebody was already climbing the social ladder."They're both going to sit with us aren't they?" asked Adam.I nodded, watching them from across the quad. "I think so. Killian has to come all the way from the third floor, so he'll be here soon." I naked lola preteen didn't know whether to dive under the table or get popcorn. "This is going to be good.""Understatement, babe," Adam muttered, chewing shy preteens bbs his pizza."What are you guys talking about?"We were both startled as pink preteen sex Killian placed his tray on the table and sat down next to Adam. Oh shit.I didn't know what to say. Adam looked lost for words too if the panicky look german preteen nude on his face was an indicator. Turns out we didn't have preteengirls in bikini to say anything. Killian's eyes landed on Ryan before we could do or say a word. His face grew puzzled for a moment and then cleared with surprised realization, immediately followed by preteen daughter pics a sort of wonderment that made his eyes wide and cheeks go all rosy pink."Ryan," he whispered his name like a prayer, and my heart went out to fotos preteen nn him.Lacey slipped her hand into Ryan's as she leaned over the table, laughing at something her friends said. She coyly looked over her shoulder at Ryan who was smiling back brightly. Killian's mouth dropped the tiniest bit. Then it was like a switch flipped. His face went dark as his eyes narrowed flashing with a growing rage."Oh, hell no," Killian snapped, getting up from his seat.Adam grabbed his wrist before he preteen exposed could go tearing across the courtyard. "Whoa, you need to calm down, man. Like, seriously.""What the fuck is she doing with her hands on him," Killian said angrily, glaring across the quad at the laughing couple. "Her hands are all over him like-like-"Adam's looked at Killian and said gently, "He's not your boyfriend, Killian. Not anymore."His head snapped down to Adam looking at him for the first time. His eyes were dilated with anger and jealously and I almost wanted to cry for him as his entire face just crumbled.He plopped back down in his seat and I thought I caught a flash of wetness in his eyes before he looked down at his tray so we couldn't see his face. He didn't lift his head again.I looked helplessly at Adam. He chewed at his bottom lip just as lost as I felt. I couldn't do anything but pat Killian's shoulder. Ryan tugged Lacey over to our table. Right now I wanted them as far from here as possible. Killian looked like he was barely keeping it together. There was no telling what he would do.Ryan hadn't noticed Killian yet. He was too busy nodding at something Lacey was saying as they walked over. Then finally gray eyes preteen mixe lifted and Ryan's steps faltered. It was too late. They were already at the table."Hey, Adam," she chirped brightly. "How about that test in Calculus the other day? I think I had a nightmare about solving integrals last night.""Uh, yeah," said Adam, valiantly trying to not look between Ryan and Killian. "I'm hoping for an A, but here's hoping right?"He did modesty well. We all knew that he would get an A. Adam wasn't freaky smart like Ryan, but he grasped things on levels that japanese preteens no else could. Calculus was childs play with someone at his level of girl preteen underground evolutionary development."Totally," she grinned, sliding into a seat across the sexy preteen anime table. Ryan was slow to join her. "I already know Killian and Adam, and you're...Chad, right? I think we had a chem class together once."Not like she ever sat next to me, or even talked to me but whatever. "Yeah, with Mitchell."Ryan's smile was the saddest, sweetest little thing. "Hey, Killian."Killian looked like he didn't know what to say to that. He stared at Ryan with a sort of intense stare, but then it was gone and preteen dress he pressed his lips together and frowned slightly."Hey," he said quietly, almost inaudibly.Lacey tucked her hair behind her ear. "I didn't realize you guys all hung out.""We've known each other a long time," I said with a shrug. That was putting it mildly.Killian looked heartbreakingly sad as he stared at Ryan deeply. "Why the change?"Ryan bent his head. "I thought it would help people see me better.""I saw you," said Killian almost defiantly.Lacey turned to Ryan giving him a pretty smile. "I love it." She touched her fingers to his temple. "I can't believe your eyes. They're gorgeous. I thought they were contacts at first."He smiled at her dim but pleased. "All real."Even though the flirting wasn't overt hot preteen portal it was pre teen crossdressers still happening and I was sexy preteens boys super uncomfortable. I chanced a glance at Killian and he was staring nude preteens toplists at Lacey with something unholy shining in his eyes. Uh oh."Hey congratulations on that whole homecoming queen thing," I said hastily before Killian could lash out. "I know it was months ago, but I never said it so whatever."Brown eyes lit up and she smiled ridiculously nn paysites preteen happy. "Thank you. I still can't believe I won."I wanted to roll my eyes. Not like she had much competition. Everybody knew that if she won there would be a party down at Crater Lake to rival all preteen see thru high school parties."You tripped pretty hard on the way to the stage," Killian pointed out smiling at her hugely, but so very fake. "I'm so glad the student paper didn't put that in the follow-up article."And it begins.Lacey slapped her hands to her face as she laughed embarrassed and peeked out at Killian from between her fingers."Oh, my God!" she squealed, shaking her head. "I can't believe I tripped. I knew those heels were dangerous, but no, I had to listen to Stacey and wear them." She made her voice high pitched and nasally. "'If Beyonce can do it you totally can too, girlfriend', my ass."I didn't want to but I laughed. Okay, girl was kind of funny. I didn't want to look at Killian right now, but I bet if I did there nature preteens would be a dirty look aimed my way. Ryan perked up when I laughed, appearing glad that someone was showing interest and being, you know, nice.Ryan stood suddenly and he flushed as we all stared at preteen nudist photo him, surprised. "I'm, uh, I'm thirsty. I'm going to go get a fountain drink."Lacey made an approving noise. "Can you get me one too, please? I didn't even realize I was so thirsty until just now.""Sure," he agreed quickly, practically fleeing to get away from the table, from us, from Killian's penetrating stare.Tossing her dark curls, Lacey turned back preteens tits to us with a smile. "He's so sweet, I just can't believe he exists. You know?"Adam grabbed my hand hard under the table as Killian leaned forward. He stared at her with a dead coldness in his eyes that startled her into freezing in place."Lacey what are you doing?" he asked, each word coming out with an icy hiss.She frowned at him, confused. "What are you talking about?""You know Ryan is my boyfriend."Confusion vanished replaced by a calculating gleam. "I know no such thing. So he's bi, then?" She nodded to herself giving him a satisfied smirk. "I can work with that."Killian's shoulders stiffened black clouds beginning to gather around his face. "Did you not hear me? That boy you're feeling up is mine.""I don't think so," she retorted, meeting his dark glare without blinking. "If he was yours he wouldn't be with me, now would he? Don't get mad at me because you can't keep a man. And don't talk to me like I'm some homewrecking ho. Your happy home was broken before I even entered the picture.""You fucking bitch," he growled, slamming his hands on the table. "You don't even know-"Lacey held up her hand and cut in, "Oh, grow the fuck up. You lost. I won. Kick rocks, Ryan's free game."Ryan walked up then and Lacey smoothly rose to her feet plastering on a sweet smile for him. She slid her arms around his neck and tilted her head up to lay a gentle kiss against his cheek, murmuring thanks against his sun kissed skin."Come on Ryan I want to introduce you to some more of my friends," Lacey told him. She waved at us throwing Killian a smile that contrasted with the tiniest glare she leveled him with. "Bye, you guys.""I'll be seeing you," Killian gritted out through clenched teeth.I swallowed and felt the area get suddenly warm as the concentration of light increased beyond the scope of human senses. Adam shot Killian a look and nudged him with his elbow. It immediately cooled and I breathed preteen modle nn a sigh of relief.I waved goodbye to them as they walked away. Dead cheerleader walking right there.I knew Killian wouldn't harm her, but his mind worked in devious ways. Due to his popularity Killian was a treasure trove of secrets. There was no telling what dirt he had on Lacey. Honestly I didn't even want to know. His mind was like a downward spiral. At times he thought like a predator. It was enough to repulse yet entrance a person.Killian didn't even pretend not to notice Lacey look back at the table sizing him up. Instead he looked right back and arched a challenging eyebrow.Her eyes narrowed into catlike slits. It was a vicious look that made her resemble those evil witches you read about. I think she expected Killian to back down. He glared right back and then did something completely unexpected. He smiled.A shiver ran down my spine."She has no clue..." Killian tsked under his breath. He rose to his feet and tipped his head at us. "Excuse me guys. I have preteen and 14yo work to do."Killian jammed his hands in his pockets and looked over at Ryan one last time. His lips were parted and blatant want briefly shined through brighter than hentai preteen the stars. Then it was gone and preteen anal pics he was walking away.He didn't notice Ryan look up as he turned, gray eyes following him steadily till he disappeared from sight.I let out a loud exhale. It felt like preteen panties sexy I had been holding my breath for the last fifteen minutes of forever. I looked over at Adam and preteens hardcore bbs he was rubbing at goose bumps rising on his forearms."Geez," he muttered, licking his lips. "So, I'm officially worried for that girl. She in danger.""Reputation danger," I explained, shaking my head feeling dizzy. "You didn't grow up with him, but Killian's kind of a social climbing sociopath. The quarterback last year told Killian he had blowjob lips. Two days later it got out he was having sex with a male teacher..." I paused for dramatic effect. "for money. Money he was using to supe up his car. It was quite the scandal. I don't have proof, but I know Killian masterminded that whole thing."Adam made a face. "You're kidding me."I shook my head. "His name was Royce Lockett. They called him Royce Fuckit all the way up till grad freepreteen model last May. He had to quit the team after a while too.""Gay bashing?" Adam asked making a sympathetic noise."Not even." I gestured over at the table where the football players were. Michel Van Lander was dry humping Simon Banks and the rest of team was egging them on. "Rumor is those clowns kept propositioning him like he was a hooker. My theory is with their girlfriends in the celibacy club they'll take it where they can get it."Gross."I nodded and echoed the sentiment. "Pretty much."Lacey's laugh pricked my ears. I felt a miniscule of pity for her. She was good standing up to Killian like that, but if that silly girl thought she won well, she didn't know Killian Morris.Shit just got real.-Mom told me to be home straight after school. She got her wish. I was home. If she horney preteen could see what I was doing now that would set off a whole new chain of anger. I knew the greater ramifications of my current actions, but I was still doing it.I was sitting cross-legged on my bed. The Videum Crystallus was open before me in its book form. I flipped through the pages researching, searching, but with the ever flowing script and entries that seemed to go on forever it was difficult to find what preteen porn photo I was looking for.There was an endless number of spells contained within, countless data logs that read like diary entries, schematics of advanced technology and pages and pages of what looked like a `how to' guide to building a star. Jesus, my past self was bit of a psychotic genius. He even had the known strengths and weaknesses of various gods and lesser deities. Frak me. Some of these names were well-known. The information in here could either move the world to war or unite a planet.But that wasn't what I was looking for.The thing is I don't trust my preteens lesbains brother's safety with anyone. While I had forgiven Killian and Ryan both for their insurrection last year, I hadn't forgotten. I never would. Kevin was the strongest of us all. There would always be people who wanted him out of the equation or use him for his power.I liked Celeste sure. Did I take her word that Kevin was okay? Hell no. If amature preteen pic I don't hear straight from his mouth then he didn't say it. I would keep thinking that till I was proven wrong. I was a paranoid sonofabitch and proud of it.There. My eyes landed on the entry. In the bold, blocky Atlantean print was what I was looking for – The Silver hard core preteen City. I skimmed through the page and it told me mostly what I already knew. Home of the angels and not the same place as Heaven – it exists outside the created order of things. It predated the rest of creation even.An beautiful preteen art idea formed in the spinning mess that was my thoughts. Calculations and equations came together quickly as I did the mental spellwork, adjusting power requirements and proper string theory to check my M-based math. Thinking in preteen cuties pics higher dimensions was always a bitch.I picked up my phone and thumbed down through my contacts till I found Adam's number and pressed send. He answered after the first couple of rings and I took a deep breath."Don't freak out till I'm finished, okay?" I preteen models nudes said after he happily greeted me. "You're pre teen mmodel not talking me out of this so don't even try... I'm making a trip upstairs."The fragile silence was broken by Adam's hesitant preteen boy photographs voice, "Chad, are you talking about Heaven?" He continued on sounding close to panic. "You're talking about breaking into Heaven aren't you?""More like the Silver City," I corrected, shifting the phone on my shoulder. "I'm doing this, Adam. Going, breaking in, whatever – I don't care. I'm going to angel HQ and I'm getting my brother back.""And what if he's preteen 16ass there and safe?" he countered."Then I'll come on home tail tucked between my legs like a good old boy. But what if he's not okay, what then? I'll tell you." My voice went dark. "Any angel that stands between me and my brother, I'll drop them."Dear, God. I think I just declared war on Heaven.**** We're almost at the midpoint now. I would say there's seven more chapters left. Between chapters I sometimes right little timestamp fics that go along with the story. You can go here to read the fics posted:'s a particular story posted there that deals with the aftermath of Killian and Ryan's breakup and the catalyst of Ryan's drastic change this chapter. It's called `here outside your bedroom'. In a few days another timpestamp fic will be posted that features Killian's actions following this chapter. That one will be called `Set Fire to the Third Bar' -- Drop me an email here. - Chosen forum. For updates/discussion -- The Chosen Wiki (WIP)
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